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What is a non-fungible token?

There are many complicated definitions but the easiest to understand is a definition by Mark Ting, from Foundation Wealth:
Non-fungible = one of a kind;
T= unit of currency on the blockchain.

What is an NFT?

NFT Mania: can you insure a multi million dollar NFT?

Interestingly, the concept for non fungible tokens was originally developed in 2014 in a hack-a-thon by Anil Dash, CEO of Glitch and artist Kevin McCoy. The first digital transaction was worth $4. Not really NFT mania, but fast forward a few years and the improvements in blockchain and cyrpto currency had given rise to NFT mania. The duo developed this process with the thought of protecting artists. But…

Good health above all else: the millennials have spoken…and nutraceuticals are listening

Those millennials are a wily bunch. They won’t open their wallets for just anything, and it shows. Over the last few years, Big Diamond, Big Raisin, and Big Motorcycle, along with scores of other industries were challenged to alter their perception, and their lines to include millennial-friendly products. Harley Davidson is slated to launch an E-bicycle next month for crying out loud! But, it appears there’s a line millennials just won’t cross, and that’s nutraceuticals.

Millennials are willing to put the work in at maintaining optimum health and are leading the way at establishing a healthy lifestyle as their number…

Employment-related lawsuits are a growing concern for employers of all sizes, including home-based businesses. Reliance Insurance Agencies, Ltd. can help you manage all your business risks, including employment practices. The pandemic has created more situations that can lead to an employment related lawsuit such as discrimination, workplace safety, whistleblower claims, employee leave and benefit claims.

Avoid a lawsuit

As costs for litigation and damage awards climb, experts predict that employment liability will only become more complex. As a result, it is critical for business owners to understand their exposures and options for managing risks. Even if you win a claim against an employee…

Canada often ranks high on many “most beautiful countries in the world lists.” In fact, the community recently ranked Canada as the fifth most beautiful country in the world. Our breath is easily and often taken away by our country’s raw, natural beauty because millions of Canadians live in such close proximity to it. But we can’t allow ourselves to become too distracted; with all the amazing landscapes in our literal backyards comes a certain amount of risk from natural perils like wildfires, floods and stormy weather.

As much as Wildland Urban Interphase (WUI) sounds like the title of…

The new breed of electric cars are equipped to handle the Canadian winters but take a look at our tips for maximizing your ride during the colder months. The good news is in the lower mainland, we seldom get temperatures below 0, but in other parts of British Columbia, temperatures often fall well below zero and driving electric cars in the Canadian winter can take a bit of planning.

1. Park inside

If possible store your electric vehicle in an indoor garage or when out and about in a indoor parking facility. It will help the performance if your battery…

The holidays are here! And yes, when the holiday season hits we all feel tempted to fall off the wagon with the promise to start ‘fresh’ at the beginning of the new year.

Research shows that when we drop our regular exercise routine de-training can happen. That’s why it’s always better to stick to movement rather than not. Even if you have to cut time from your regular workout routine, maintaining momentum will always be much better than trying to pick up again next month. …

How to protect your company when cyber attacks happen from within an organization

Some of the most damaging cyber-attacks can come from within the business, in ways that many employers overlook when it comes to their cyber security. It’s an employer’s worst nightmare — an employee is dissatisfied with his or her job and decides to sabotage the company. Employees can also cause enormous damage by inadvertent errors. By recognizing signs of internal cyber risks and implementing practises to prevent it, you can fend off internal cyber situations.

Malicious insider

According to Info-Security Magazine, the concern about intentional data breaches has increased year-on-year, with 75% of IT leaders believing that employees have put data at…

Cyber criminals are targeting small business in Canada.

High-profile cyber attacks and data breaches at Sony, Honda Canada and Target have raised awareness of the growing threat of cyber crime — yet surveys conducted by Symantec suggest that many small business owners are still operating under a false sense of cyber security. Learn how to protect your company with cyber security tips for business.

Don’t equate small with safe

The majority of Canadian small businesses lack a formal Internet security policy for employees, and only about half have cyber security measures in place. This disconnect is largely due to the widespread, albeit mistaken, belief that small businesses are…

Earthquake Insurance

How to save on earthquake insurance deductibles. In BC, we are at a higher risk of having an earthquake. To ensure your valuable assets are adequately protected, Reliance Insurance highly recommends adding an earthquake endorsement which will provide coverage for your home, personal belongings and your outbuildings. Depending on your insurance company, the earthquake endorsement may also cover the cost of bringing your home up to current building codes during the repair process, as well as other expenses like debris removal and additional living expenses. …

Distracted Working

Covid-19 threw us a curveball far into 2020. It has been almost nine months since people have transitioned to a work-at-home model. According to Stats Canada, approximately four in ten (38.9%) Canadian workers are in jobs that can be done remotely or from home. Stats Canada’s March 2020 Perspectives Survey Series found that as many as 39.1% of workers were teleworking during the last full week of March (Statistics Canada 2020). The Canadian labour market responded very quickly at the onset of the pandemic. It looks like remote working is a trend that is going to last. According to…

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