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Can e-bikes help climate change?

The recent pandemic has changed the way we look at the world, and one thing that exploded was more people heading outside. One of the trends to blow up was the “e-bike” craze. In addition to contributing to more healthy lifestyles, can e-bikes help climate change? Electric bikes are built…

2021 Trends for Directors & Officers liability insurance

It is not just public companies or the energy sector being hit hard with Directors & Officers liability insurance claims and premium increases. Read our in-depth review on trends for Directors & Officers liability insurance. The worldwide D&O market continues to experience difficult and hard market conditions, particularly for…

What is a non-fungible token?

There are many complicated definitions but the easiest to understand is a definition by Mark Ting, from Foundation Wealth:
Non-fungible = one of a kind;
T= unit of currency on the blockchain.

What is an NFT?

NFT Mania: can you insure a multi million dollar NFT?

Interestingly, the concept for non fungible tokens was originally developed in 2014 in a hack-a-thon by Anil Dash

Good health above all else: the millennials have spoken…and nutraceuticals are listening

Those millennials are a wily bunch. They won’t open their wallets for just anything, and it shows. Over the last few years, Big Diamond, Big Raisin, and Big Motorcycle, along with scores of other industries were challenged to alter their perception, and their lines to include millennial-friendly products. Harley Davidson…

Reliance Insurance BC

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